iPad wine list attracting drinkers

Don’t be surprise when you go to a restaurants and see an iPad instead of paper menus. The device seems to be have greater impact in the popularity of the restaurant. Even the wine lists on iPad are encouraging customers to drink and spend more.

Here the Atlanta’s upscale Bones restaurant recently debuted its iPad wine list just but the eatery is already reaping the benefits. Moreover, the impressive wine list, which offers 1,350 labels with descriptions and ratings is such a hit with patrons that wine purchases have already gone up 11%. It seems wine drinkers aren’t just ordering more but also they’re choosing more expensive varieties. Maybe it’s the heady impression of instantly becoming a wine connoisseur as you pour over the list.

Even the wine-list software vendor Incentient reports orders from 40 restaurants looking to increase their wine revenues. The iPad wine list is currently catching on with the only poshest dining spots, so don’t expect the bar down the street to toss out the old chalkboard anytime soon.


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