‘iPad-2018 Fall’ confirms new iPad Pro next month debut

Apple announced iOS 12.1 giving a peek new feature. Thus to suggest feature making a sense is the release of new iPad having a TrueDepth camera system. Currently, Memoji supports iPhone adding support where the users want to sync characters in each device.

With iOS 12.1 offers a hint with a new iPad model comes at this year. Thus the assets digs the Setup app, returns a new device where a new identifier for a “2018 falliPad. The previous version includes identifiers of 2018 iPhones.

We reported with the evidence of landscaped support for Face ID combined icon and found earlier serving a good indication of new iPad coming soon. Thus with the new identifier finding in iOS 12.1 confirms a new iPad for this year. Ever since Apple follows usual schedule where another event in October.

Thus with the report suggestive of new evidence landscaping support for Face ID, combined with the icon found earlier in a good indication of new iPad coming soon. Hence with the new identifier found in iOS 12.1 basically confirms the new iPad this year. Thus with Apple being usual schedule, have another event in October.

With several reports suggestive that Apple has new iPad Pro models worked for this year. While with the anticipation of Apple unveils the new iPad models at September, turns out not to be the case and somehow seems likely Apple holds another event in October for new iPad and Mac.