Free iPhone 3GS with Contract After iPhone 5 Launch

There is lot of rumors circulating on the topic of iPhone 5 which is yet to be released. Already many reports and articles has been flashed around as how iPhone 5 will looks like and also the features. Some claims that the upcoming iPhone will includes 8 megapixel camera and faster processor.

Recently an analyst Chris Whitmore reports that Apple will released both iPhone 5 and also unlocked iPhone 4S at the price of $349 at the end of this year. But here BGR reports brings some twist to the story. BGR claims that RBC Capital Markets General Manager Mike Abramsky says that Apple will offer iPhone 3GS instead of iPhone 4S, which includes free device with 2-year contract as when it launch.

According to Apple tradition, whenever a new device is launch it drops the pervious generation iPhone to $99 and new release device for $199 and $299. So it is possible for Apple to offer free iPhone 3GS with a contract and iPhone 5 for $199 and $299 with two-year contract. Abramsky feels that AT&T data plan with $15 and free iPhone 3GS with a contract can be an alluring option for customers.

[Via iPhonehacks]

[ Image courtesy fonearena ]

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