iPhone 4 maps gashes heart of Arunachal

On Sunday people of Arunachal Pradesh staged a strong protest with the Central government over California based Apple’s iPhone4 covering maps depicting the Northeastern Indian state as part of Chinese territory. This didn’t go well with the people of the state; many section of the society shows their concern and displeasure over Apple Company.

The people have every right to protest, as when we look the inside of the story, only then we can understand the situation and sentiment of the people better. The whole area of the Northeastern region of India was neglected by the Central Government and now only after a hue and cry for development and also understanding the potential of the region, the Government has started to give attention to the region. This Northeastern region has been trying hard to make a marked in its own country. Hope you will know what I mean to say.

This is a huge blow to the people of the state and also it has let down their spirit. Well, this is not the first time the Arunachal Pradesh has been shown as part of China but twice in the past two years Google showed the Northeastern state as part of China. Later, Google has admitted its mistake and rectified it for Indian users.

According to Takam Sanjay, Congress party MP in the Lok Sabha from Arunachal Pradesh says, “This is yet another attempt at painting a wrong picture on the territorial integrity of Arunachal Pradesh and we strongly protest this nefarious design.”

The border issue with China was inherited by India from the British colonial rulers, who hosted a 1914 conference with the Tibetan and Chinese governments that set the border in what is now Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh shares a 1,030-km unfenced border with China.
The worst thing is that the dragon country China has never recognized the 1914 boundary, known as the McMahon Line. Moreover, it claims 90,000 sq km as nearly all of Arunachal Pradesh. Even New Delhi has also accuses China of occupying 8,000 sq km of Jammu and Kashmir.

New Delhi has been getting reports of Chinese incursions from the Arunachal Pradesh government t. After the 1962 Sino-Indian War, tension flared again in 1986 with Indian and Chinese forces clashing in the Sumdorong Chu valley of Arunachal Pradesh.

Hope, the other smarthphones makers or the electronics giant don’t make the same mistake again as we can see many smartphones have navigations apps. The international border issue is very serious issue and Apple can’t afford to make such kind of mistake.


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