iPhone 4 sales injured more by carriers than antennas

According to Piper Jaffray, he relates that antennagate might have persuaded some people to avoid the iPhone 4 and also added that the device’s lack of Verizon access can put a larger damper on sales

As going with the reports, among the 258 cell phone users surveyed by the investment firm, 177 people (or 69 percent) said they were aware of the antenna issue affecting the iPhone 4. Of those, 20 percent said this issue impacted their decision of whether or not to purchase the iPhone 4.

By comparing to millions device sold then that means it is a small percentage of all the users surveyed were turned off by the antenna problem. Piper Jaffray believes the issue has affected sales and lost of sales due to “antennagate” could cost Apple around 11 cents a share in earnings for its fourth quarter ending September

As for Apple modifying the design of the iPhone 4 does seems to happening right now but instead may extend the free case offer or reveal further results of its own testing.


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