iPhone 4 Survived 13,500 ft. Fall

A device or phone surviving from a height of 13,500 ft. is quite unusual, we have heard other stories about their iDevices falling or dropping and shattering on the ground or in the toilet, on the table and so on.

CNN revealed that a Skydiver’s Jarrod McKinney from Minnesota has reports this incident to iReport of CNN about his iPhone 5 surviving a fall of 13,500 ft. which he unknowing dropped it as because he forgot to zip his skydiving gear pocket. He thought of never getting the iPhone back but Jarrod McKinney was quite surprised of his ability to track his iPhone 4 while using a GPS application.

Jarrod McKinney has found his iPhone 4 lying on the two-storey building co-incidentally near the spot where he landed with his parachute shortly. He tried to see whether his shattered iPhone is working by calling someone from the device and luckily it worked, even though the device was totally damaged.

Mike Gikas of Consumer reports, a company that focus in testing products, concerning its durability reveals that something of this product could happen.

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