iPhone 4S Exposes You to 3X More Radiation Than Samsung Galaxy S III

Smartphone radiation

There is always a debate about whether to pick an Android device or picking an iOS device is always constant. Many people compare hardware specs, software features, and many more things.

However, there is one thing that most people overlook is the radiation measurement of each device.

The company behind the radiation measurement app, Tawkon, has recently released an infographic detailing the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) score of various popular smartphones. SAR is a measurement of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to a radio frequency electromagnetic field.

According to their report, Apple’s iPhone 4S was the second highest offender with a SAR level of 1.11 w/kg. iPhone 4S comes very close to hitting the maximum SAR level allowed by the FCC (which is 1.6 w/kg).

The iPhone 4S tripled the SAR level of the Galaxy S III, which ended up having a SAR score of 0.34 w/kg. The level of radiation as well as the SAR has been a controversial topic in regards to smartphones and the effects they have on human bodies. There are several conflicting reports out there.

Smartphone radiation infographic

Seeing conflicting reports and conflicting opinions, it seems the only thing everybody has a common opinion is that no one knows exactly what kind of effects the non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellphones have on human tissue.

We suggest you to be cautious of any level of radiation exposure.

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