iPhone 4S Jailbreak: Testing And Polishing Phase

A5 Chip Jailbreak

Here are some more updates from the jailbreak world which is currently focussing on the the jailbreaking of iPhone 4S.

The app that containing the exploits used for the iPhone 4S jailbreak is finished and the final touches are being placed. This updated is being dubbed by many as the latest version of GreenPois0n.

Planetbeing Tweet

On 20 January 2012, @planetbeing tweeted that fellow Chronic Dev Team member Nikias Bassen, better known as @pimskeks, had finished the majority of the app that will contain the heavily anticipated iPhone 4S and iPad 2 A5 exploit.


Looks like the jailbreak of iPhone 4S is coming very soon.

Source: iDownload Blog

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