iPhone 4S not recognizing SIM Cards

iPhone 4S

First limitations of Siri, then battery drain and now “No SIM Card”. Seems like iPhone 4S related problems are here to stay.

iPhone 4S is in news again, this time for being unable to recognize the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card.

Some users of iPhone 4S are claiming that the iPhone 4S fails to read their SIM card. Though some users believe that changing the SIM might solve the problem, others believe that this is no solution.

One of the theories that is being seen as a possible reason for this problem is the faulty design of SIM card tray that might have caused some sort of short circuit, leading to the malfunction.

Woo Servers, the first to come up with this theory, are providing a list of instructions to remedy the problem. So far, nobody has been benefitted with this advice.

Source: Engadget

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