iPhone 4S Production Slowdown Confirmed

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Is the popularity of iPhone 4S declining? Or the manufacturing units have shortage of equipments and spare parts to manufacture iPhone 4S! It certainly surprises us when we learn that the production of iPhone 4S is at a slow pace now. Well, the real reason is quiet different, and a good one.

Although the sixth generation iPhone (nicknamed as iPhone 5) remains at least three to four months away from its public debut, plans are being made well in advance, for the device’s production across Asia.

Many new attributes are being anticipated from iPhone 5 and these attributes range from 4G LTE connectivity to a larger screen. iOS 6 is expected to make iPhone 5, far better than iPhone 4S. With each passing week, more evidence is appearing which indicates the smartphone’s forthcoming and potentially imminent production.

Last weekend, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White said that suppliers were confirming an iPhone 4S production slowdown as Apple’s supply chain partners had begun shifting their attention and resources to the next-gen iPhone. Fortunately, for the time being, suppliers are not bummed out about the decreased production over early summer. White revealed:

“In fact, the overall tone was a bit better than we expected and one company even seemed to be experiencing upside from this program in (the second quarter of 2012).”

Without question, component suppliers and iPhone makers are clued in about the next-gen iPhone and how production may reach a new all-time high as the device nears market introduction.

White believed that upwards of 50 million new iPhones could be sold in the final quarter (the holiday shopping quarter around December) of 2012.

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