iPhone 4S Review

iPhone 4S

One year since launching iPhone 4, Apple has been busy in developing and marketing, iPhone 4S, iCloud and iOS 5. iPhone 4S has been released and has broken several records in sales and pre-orders. If its features are mystery to some people on one hand, then on the other hand, some people are fascinated with the features of iPhone 4S.

Let us take a look on key things that made iPhone 4S a rage.

1. Design
The beautiful design of iPhone fascinated many. With the high resolution camera, advanced headphones available and beautiful ducts designed to insert them, anybody would be tempted to buy iPhone 4S.

2. Hardware
The key features of the new hardware in the iPhone 4S are 8 MP camera, an innovative antenna design and A5 Processor. Because of A5 processor, many people believed that the phone coming from Apple after iPhone 4 would be iPhone 5.

3. Dual Antennas
With the memories of “antennagate” fresh in the mind of customers, Apple took several precautions and introduced dual antennas in iPhone 4S. The system of dual antennas can understand the transmitter and receiver and thus can improve call quality. The problems regarding call quality that arose in iPhone 4 have been rectified.

4. A5 Chip
iPhone 4S can get warm due to constant use, especially while watching movies or playing games. A5 chip can reduce this workload as it has the ability to drive graphically intense games on par with XBOX.

5. Camera
With 16 GB memory, the 8 Mega-Pixel camera can take thousands of clear photos in good quality.

6. Battery
Apple recommends to charge the battery once a month. This means that this battery is more efficient as usually you need to charge the battery of all electronic gadgets, at least once a week.

7. Miscellaneous items
iPhone 4S has some useful items. Important ones are ambient light sensor, vibration motor and speaker (great quality). You can receive notifications when you get new mail. Light sensor adjusts brightness of display, depending on how dark your surroundings are. You can mute your phone and vibrations would tell you about the incoming call or text message. Speakers help you enjoy the music, movies and the sound of games.

8. Siri
Siri is an interactive softwares that talks to you and offers solutions to queries. It can offer maps, websites and other information. You want to eat out? Siri can tell you nearby food joints? Wanna watch a movie? Siri can tell nearby cinema halls and multiplexes. Stuck in office? Just tell (orally) Siri to send a text message to your wife that you would be late. Siri would do that.

Apart from mentioned qualities, iPhone 4S has several other useful and innovative features. So do you think that iPhone 4S meets up to your expectations? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  1. Fhjjb! This article was written few days after iPhone 4S was released. I checked properly before writing. Everything said in this article was true according to reports all over the world at that time. Yes! Today there are many problems with iPhone 4S and many of the things mentioned here are turning out to be wrong. But these are all the things that Apple and media had said about iPhone 4S when it was released. I could not check battery but all other features checked by me that have been mentioned here were true.

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