iPhone 4S: S-Stands for Signal

iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S has redesigned antenna designed to allow better reception and faster wireless data speed.

When iPhone 4 was released last year, Apple had to go through a negative publicity named as “antennagate” by media. Covering the bottom left of phone where two antennas meet, cellular reception with the device could be reduced. In low signal situations, the result could be dropped call. Apple had call a press conference in July 2010, announcing free cases to iPhone users for a limited time.

In the new model, iPhone 4S, Apple has taken care to ensure that such thing does not happen. Apple has stated that iPhone 4S is an intelligent phone and it can switch between two antennas to transmit or receive. This would ensure better call quality. However, Apple has said that iPhone 4S would not be a “fix all network woes”.

With iPhone 4S releasing on 14 October 2011, are you ready to buy your iPhone 4S? What expectations do you have from it? Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Apple Insider

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