iPhone 4S to have the same RAM as its predecessor iPhone

iPhone 4S

Whether an advanced version of a gadget or a sequel to a movie or a spin-off to a TV show, whenever they come, people expect the new “product” to be better than its predecessor. Many of such products bite the dust if they are not good enough and fail to live up to the expectations of consumers. When the news of the upcoming version of iPhone would have come first, many would have expected it to be better than the previous version of iPhone in every aspect.

However, this does not seem to happen as the RAM of iPhone 4S is 512 MB, just what its predecessor had. Donald Mustard, creative director of Epic Games subsidiary Chair Entertainment revealed this in an interview, detailing Infinity Blade 2.

Given the fact that demo of Infinity Blade 2 was prepared for and unveiled as the keynote presentation of iPhone 4S, there is a possibility that Mustard may not be having the first hand information as there were reports some time back that Apple had provided the earlier versions of iPhone 4S for their developmental purposes.

However, even if this turns out to be true, it is not right to be judgmental at the moment as the other features of iPhone 4S are yet to be seen. RAM cannot be the only reason to frame a strong opinion.

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SOURCE: Apple Insider

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