87% iPhone 4S Users Use Siri Monthly

iPhone 4S Siri

Despite battery issues, iPhone 4S broke all records of sales. According to many surveys, most people purchased it due to their fascination with Siri.

Siri unquestionably proved to be an advantageous tool for iPhone 4S users. However, following the jailbreak for the iPhone 4S, Siri became more useful through Siri-enhancing tweaks. Later it expanded to older iDevices because of high demand. Many people argued that Siri was a moot point for the iPhone 4S.

Later some people questioned whether iPhone 4S users continued to use Siri with the same excitement they had at the time of purchasing iPhone 4S. However, the numbers from a recent survey shows that a staggering 87% of iPhone 4S users just cannot live without using Siri at least once on a monthly basis.

Clearly, not everyone has a use for Siri. Some people prefer going into their applications and tapping on things themselves instead of relying on a voice-based assistant to check the weather, set reminders, and find out the answer to they are looking for. Some people also find Siri absolutely annoying having to speak out loud to operate a phone.

While 87% of iPhone 4S users just cannot put Siri down, only a mere 9% of iPhone 4S users say that Siri is an unhelpful assistant. 55% of Siri’s users think she is a very helpful assistant. These statistics have been recorded from a test performed by Parks Associates.

These numbers don not include the non-legitimate Siri users on the iPhone 4 or older, iPad, and iPod touch. Since users installing Siri on their older devices have the choice to install Siri on their devices or not, they would have a good reason for installing Siri and therefore think she was rather useful. This may make the satisfaction rate even higher.

How much do you use Siri? Are you happy with Siri? If not on iPhone 4S, on which device do you use Siri and why did you install it? Did Siri live up to your expectations?

Post your comments and tell us your thoughts about Siri.

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