iPhone 5 Coming On 21 September 2012?

iPhone Mockup

According to a French blog site, the highly anticipated sixth-generation iPhone which has been named as iPhone 5 by Apple Fanboys, will be released on Friday, 21 September 2012. According to rumors, it would feature a larger screen and a 19-pin dock connector.

Citing a source within China’s third largest accessory maker, App4phone.fr claimed that Apple had released a few scant details to accessory makers, including a target date in late September.

It could be true. Last year, Apple released the iPhone 4S on 14 October 2011. While usually Apple tends to go by what they have done in the past, 21 September 2012 is close enough to early-mid October that there are any number of reasons why Apple might want to get out the next iPhone a little bit earlier. Perhaps, Apple wants maximum sales of upcoming iPhone by Christmas.

If the 21 September 2102 date pans out, that would imply that Apple will officially unveil the iPhone 5 ten days earlier. Just the way they did with the iPhone 4S. Would Apple really announce a new iPhone on the anniversary of 11 September 2012. the Martyrs Day. Perhaps it may announce few days earlier.

App4phone.fr is a website without an extensive track record, and until Apple sends out invitations, any possible iPhone 5 release date is can only be a speculation.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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