iPhone 5: Is it worth waiting for?

Can you feel the excitement building? We’ve been deluged with iPhone 5 rumours over the past couple of months and everything is pointing toward the imminent announcement and release of Apple’s next smartphone. Some say August, others October, but whatever the exact date we’re going to have our hands on it by Christmas.

If you’ve been considering an upgrade because your existing phone contract is ending soon or you’ve just gotten tired of your current handset, the iPhone is likely to be near the top of the list, but is it worth waiting for the new version to go on sale before buying? Let’s lay out the pros and cons.

Why you should buy an iPhone now…

The iPhone 4S will remain relevant for years

Apple’s got a pretty solid reputation for supporting older models of its smartphone, even those with a 3GS don’t miss out on much. Sure, they don’t get Siri, but a 3GS can still run most of the same games and apps. The situation is not likely to be any different for the 4S. It’s massively popular and neither Apple or developers will be dropping support any time soon.

iPhone 5 may not be all that different

If the rumours are to be believed the biggest change with the iPhone 5 is a new 4-inch display. No doubt it’ll be a sharp, high resolution screen but as we’ve learnt from the iPad that’s not always a compelling enough reason to upgrade. Similarly, a faster multi-core CPU is nice but not essential.

You can get one right now

Maybe you just don’t want to wait to get a new phone. The iPhone 4S has been around a little while so supply isn’t an issue, you can walk into a shop and pick one up now.

The iPhone 5 may not work with your peripherals and accessories

It seems very likely that the iPhone 5 will feature a redesigned dock connector, and that’s not going to work with current iPhone accessories, at least not without an adapter. If you’ve already invested in the iPhone ecosystem with a bundle of peripherals this could be a good reason to stick with the iPhone 4S for as long as possible to save having to buy them all again.

Why you should wait for the iPhone 5…

Bigger screen, better specs

The iPhone’s 3.2-inch display is looking decidedly puny next to the 4+ inches of recent high-end Android smartphones so the new 4-inch display is very welcome. It’ll provide more screen real estate, and Apple is rumoured to be using a new type of technology which will help make the phone even thinner. The increased speed of its CPU will also bring a nice boost to games and apps.

The iPhone 4S will be cheaper

Apple doesn’t tend to discontinue the current models when releasing new iPhones so the 4S will still be available, but at a reduced cost. That’ll make it a great deal if you can’t stomach the price of a top of the range model.

Future proofed

We don’t yet know the exact specification of the iPhone 5 but in addition to the usual screen, processor and GPU upgrades it’s very likely the iPhone 5 could receive some cutting edge tech like NFC. It will also, like previous models, be in line to receive firmware upgrades for a good couple of years. Waiting a few months for the iPhone 5 will mean you get a device with a much longer lifespan than the current range.

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