Apple Unveiling iPhone 5 In June?

iPhone 5

The successful launch of iPhone 4S made Apple hit the sky and climb new heights. Since then, people have been waiting for the new iPhone that Apple Fanboys have name as iPhone 5.

Some people want iPhone 5 as they are convinced that it would be more advanced iPhone. Some people want it because they are unhappy with the battery issues of iPhone 4S.

With so much anticipation and eagerness seen in Apple fanboys, it is no surprise that online portals and publications would report and circulate rumors regarding iPhone 5 to increase their readership. No matter whether Apple actually announces such things.

After spreading rumors about Apple’s possible TV Set and iPad 3, DigiTimes has turned its attention to iPhone 5. DigiTimes has reported that Apple is planning to return to its summer launch schedule and is likely to unveil iPhone 5 during Worldwide Developer Conference in June. To support their claim, DigiTimes cited Daiwa Securities analyst when it first appeared in a Chinese language newspaper, commercial times.

The report noted that the use of glass-to-glass touch penal technology would continue in iPhone 5. The report also mention iPhone 5 to have a metallic covering, made of aluminum.

Source: BGR

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