iPhone 5 lists ‘vintage and obsolete’ products ended repair support

Apple updates this week came with obsolete products, a vintage listed makes a notable addition. Thus with October 30th, is where iPhone 5 categorized vintage with United States, obsolete along with the rest of the world.

With becoming unfamiliar, Apple supports products which have repairs at least five years far after the end of production. After those five years, one notes Apple begins the process where transition happens “obsolete” or “vintage.”

The difference thus far is obsolete and vintage, which generally applies California and Turkey, requires limited support for certain products available after two years marked as “obsolete” elsewhere.

Thus far to note Turkey’s requirements is not only applies to iPhone 5. Regulations in Turkey apply with iPad and Mac, and not with iPhone. Hence far to make a note is iPhone 5 comes “obsolete” with countries such as United States, where “vintage” which comply with California statute.

Apple thus far maintains a full list of vintage where website displays obsolete products. The iPhone 5 makes a change with a part which has most recent update page, first spotted by Japanese blog Macotakara.

Other updates to include vintage and obsolete webpage and Apple inform customers with products transitioned. The iPhone 5 has a milestone with iPhone within many ways, where the first featuring a larger display – measure a whopping 4 inches.