iPhone 5 May Have Quad-mode LTE Chip

iPhone 5

Investment bank Morgan Stanley hinted on Friday that Apple’s next-generation iPhone maybe slimmer when it arrives later this year. It is also likely to include a quad-mode chip from Qualcomm that would allow for 3G and LTE functionality across all “network flavors.”

Apple is yet to officially announce the name and official release date of next iPhone but Apple fanboys have named it as iPhone 5, well in advance.

Analyst Katy Huberty wrote in a note to investors that Apple will remain impervious to a broader decline in consumer demand throughout the technology industry through the release of its third-generation iPad in the first half of 2012 and the launch of a thinner iPhone later this year. Huberty wrote this while detailing takeaways from a recent trip to Asia.

She said that theData points for Apple were “mostly positive”. According to data points, Apple is expected to maintain unit shipments this quarter, compared to a 10 percent sequential decline from the December quarter in the broader market.

“Apple will also launch iPad 3 in H1 and a slimmer iPhone later this year,” she wrote.

Huberty believes production for the next iPad will ramp up at the end of this quarter and it will have a higher resolution display.

Huberty hopes that iPhone 5 would be released at the end of the second quarter.

According to her, new touch panel technology will enable Apple to make the iPhone 5 thinner. Huberty also claimed Apple is “considering” new casing materials.

Apple Inc, based in Cupertino, California benefited in the December quarter from a decision to keep the iPad 2 on the market at a reduced price after the the third-generation iPad arrives, the analyst noted. Thus, iPad 2 is not likely to go out of vogue after the arrival of iPad 3.

Huberty speculated that the next-generation iPhone will incorporate Qualcomm’s quad-mode chip that would allow it to “run on all 3G and LTE network flavors”. However, she said it was “too early to know for sure.” If Apple were to ink a deal with China Mobile, it would increase confidence that Apple would utilize the chip, she added.

Recent reports have hinted that Apple is in talks with carriers to release LTE-compatible iOS devices later this year. Apple is also said to be in negotiations with China Mobile and has reportedly given the world’s largest carrier a “positive answer” on a future LTE iPhone compatible with its network.

Source: Apple Insider

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