iPhone 5 Engineering Sample Photos Leaked?

iPhone 5 Sample

The website GottaBeMobile is claiming to have obtained something what they call as “iPhone 5 engineering samples.” The photos they provided claim to be proof of a physical construction of the rumored next-generation iPhone design.

Apple has not announced the name of next-generation iPhone but the rumor-mongers and Apple fanboys have named it as iPhone 5.

The report GottaBeMobile claims that the metal casing for the upcoming iPhone is slightly taller than that of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. It is a little thinner, and the same width. This goes hand to hand with the speculation that the next generation iPhone will be redesigned.

iPhone 5 Engineering Sample

There are chances that the metal mockup is simply just a case maker’s mold. However, it is possible that these are actual engineering samples manufactured in Apple’s supply chain. This case design seems similar to those reported towards May, which gives both rumors some credibility.

If Apple goes with this design or one similar to it, the next-generation iPhone will be still be dwarfed by Android offerings such as the Galaxy S III and other flagship Android devices. Size is not what people usually seek when they go for iOS products though. People want to see the quality, the finish, and the elegance coupled with the iOS software and growing App Store.

Source: Modmyi

Image Source: GottaBeMobile

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