iPhone 5 To Be Waterproof?

iPhone 5 Waterproof

According to a study, most of the damaged iPhones suffer the damage due to water. In fact in UK, most of the iPhones get damaged by falling in the water inside the toilet seat when the iPhone owner is lowering trousers to use toilet. Many times, little toddlers in the house drop the phone and anything in the water. With water being the reason for most of the iPhone damages, iPhone users must have wished for a waterproof iPhone.

If some online reports are to be believed, then their wish may come true very soon as Apple Inc shares this concern.

According to some online reports, Apple Inc is in talks with a company called HzO. HzO makes a high-profile “WaterBlock” technology. HzO maybe talking about making iPhones and other Apple gadgets, water resistant.

This creates a possibility that Apple might introduce HzO’s technology in iPhone 5. Apple Fanboys have given this name to upcoming Apple iPhone even if Apple is yet to announce the official name and release date for next iPhone.

The people at HzO maintain that their WaterBlock solution is safe and made from organic materials. If you are concerned about iPhone’s look and feel, HzO wants to tell you that WaterBlock would not alter the phone’s appearance or weight.

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