iPhone Accounts For More Than 50% Of Verizon Phone Sales in Q1 2012

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Apple’s sales and revenues are always the talk of town whenever they are released. The market is eagerly awaiting the Apple Q2 financials that are expected to be released next Tuesday, 24 April 2012.

Apple is now a big factor on NASDAQ and Apple’s numbers are seen as major indicator for the whole technology sector. At the moment, most analysts see Apple to report lower numbers compared to the record setting previous quarter. Today the first real indicator of iPhone sales has emerged.

Verizon Wireless revealed in their earnings call yesterday that they sold 3.2 million iPhones in the last quarter. This is down 1.1 million compared to the previous quarter that contained the iPhone 4S launch. The impressive thing about this statement from Verizon is though that this number means that more than half of all phones sold by Verizon are iPhones. Verizon has sold over 6.3 million phones in the last quarter.

Overall it is expected that Apple sold about 37 million iPhones globally last quarter, slightly lower than in Apple’s record setting Q1.

Source: i4U

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