iPhone And Android Security Codes Can Be Cracked Within Seconds


You are always concerned about the privacy of your iPhone. That is why, you have a dozens of security settings and you may also keep it password protected. You take various steps to ensure that the security codes of your iPhone do not get cracked.

However, as technology advances, new methods to crack the security codes and security systems keep cropping up.

A new report on Forbes exhibits that the security code is no barrier for professionals. Swedish company Micro Systemation sells a software to law enforcement that can crack the 4-digit security code on iPhones and Android phones in matter of seconds. This software can extract all data stored on your smartphone.

As long as this software is being used by law enforcement, it is fine. However, just imagine how much problems an iPhone user can face if a rogue element gains access to his (user’s) iPhone and extract all the data.

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Source: i4U

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