iPhone Bug Will Let The World Peek Into Your Personal Life

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In Truman Show, Jim Carrey did not know that city that he was living in was a big stage and there were cameras everywhere. Whatever he did was being seen on TV by yet whole world.

Now there is an iPhone bug that may not be able to show you your actions to the world but all your private conversations will certainly go public due to this bug. Never abuse your boss in a private conversation. What if your iMessage is leaked and your boss sees it.

This iMessage bug, under the wrong circumstances, might result in your messages being seen by others. This bug is menace but the only good thing about this bug is that it is impartial and works 2-way. It may show you someone else’s messages. Now you may find out what your friends or girlfriend or boyfriend really thinks about you.This is not a new issue. Ars Technica had reported on this issue in December with stolen iPhones, and this is an ongoing problem.

This strange behavior is most likely linked to Apple retaining the UDID of older phones in its database. The theory is that when a new UDID from a replacement device is linked to an Apple ID, the old identifier is not being removed. In the scenario discussed by online portals like Gizmodo, the phone involved is owned by a minor who is now seeing iMessages that an Apple retail employee is sending to friends and loved ones. And this happens without the employee being aware. Gizmodo believes that when the minor’s iPhone was taken to the Apple Store for repair, the employee swapped his SIM card 9which is not a standard practice) with the phone being repaired, which is enough to cause this issue.

Gizmodo pasted the iMessage of an Apple employee on its website to draw the attention of people towards this problem. Gizmodo also petted the pictures of that employee, blurring his face and name. However, enough details were there to find out who that person is. Gizmodo is facing criticism due to this act.

Are you careful about your iMessages in your iPhone? Have you experienced anything like this? Post your comments.

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Source: TUAW

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