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flickrOfficial Flickr [iTunes link] finally arrives on the iPhone with a native free app which enables all the neat features, comment and search options that similarly make Flickr itself such a successful service. The Yahoo owned Flickr, which works on both iPhone and iPod Touch devices, also allows for naming and tagging new photos as well as assigning them to relevant sets and determining the permissions.

If there are any immediate critiques it would be an apparent lack of social networking opportunities, particularly when it comes to pushing out images to Twitter, as Tech Crunch openly acknowledges. Otherwise, the functionality is terrific for an app that is long overdue.

Incredibly, according to Flickr’s Camera Finder graphs, the iPhone, even with its “weak 2 MP camera and its lack of zoom” has surpassed the mighty Canon Rebel XTi as the #1 camera on Flickr. The new app is sure to put the nails in the coffin for any comeback Canon may have had in mind.

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  1. This was an interesting article and I decided to read up on it on TUAW, specifically about Apple boasting that the i-Phone is becoming one of the most popular camera’s on Flickr, And guess what..they weren’t wrong.
    Of course all of us who regularly use the i-Phone’s camera uploading images to either Flickr or another service already know how popular the i-Phone is for taking snaps.

    I do however wonder how long this will remain the same since the i-Phone camera is only still a low 2MP’s compared to other high-end camera’s.

    But that said, the ease of use in the Flickr app in taking uploading your pictures must be a major contributing factor to its number 1 status.

    How many of you i-Phone camera snappers actually use the Flickr service?

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