Chinese iPhone Lover Kills Man selling Fake iPhone

Fake iPhone Murder

A man called Feng purchased an iPhone in an electronics plaza in Zhengzhou. Later, when he found out it was fake, he grabbed a kitchen knife and went back to the plaza to find the seller. But seller was not there.

After coming back every day for several days unsuccessfully finding the seller, he found another group of counterfeit iPhone sellers. He got into an argument and stabbed one of them to death.

On 25 February 2012, Feng had purchased the fake iPhone for 2000 yuan after a bargain. The man then asked Feng to wait there and he would go get a new phone for him. A few minutes later, the man handed over Feng a “new Apple iPhone” to Feng with a cell phone cover on it.  Feng was very satisfied as the seller was giving the cover for free.  The seller took the money and left in a hurry. After the seller left, Feng opened the cover and saw that iPhone was fake.

Obviously, after learning that the iPhone was fake, rage had to be all over Feng’s mind.

Feng tried to find the seller but failed. On the same day, he saw that a group of sellers were taking 2000 yuan from a young man and giving him the same kind of fake iPhone. Feng was convinced that man who conned him belonged to this gang. The seller who sold fake iPhone was not in this group.

Feng got into argument with them and threatened them with kitchen knife. They returned the money to the other customer who left with the money. Feng started going to the mall everyday but could on find the attacker.

On 28 February 2012, he bumped into the same group of people. They started beating him. Feng stabbed Zhang Guofeng in the chest and abdomen in panic. Other tried to flee but Feng caught hold of Li and stabbed him on his leg.

Feng fled from the spot but was later arrested.

Source: Business Insider

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