iPhone OS 3.1 To Be Released Around September 18th

It’s a known fact that the new iPhone OS 3.1 will be released sometime in September, but the exact date was unknown. We still don’t know the exact date, but we can make an educated guess based on some info we just received.

xvortex, one of the dudes that is involved in the iH8sn0w project, the tool that allows us to Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1 beta 3, found that the expiration date for the beta version of the OS is September 18th.

That means that chances for OS 3.1 Beta 4 to be released are pretty much inexistent. We can also assume that OS 3.1 will be announced at the Apple event that will take place on September 9th , and learning from the past, the final version of iPhone OS 3.1 will be released a couple of days before the beta 3 expiration date.

We’ll just have to wait and see if AT&T will keep its promise and will enable MMS once iPhone OS 3.1 will be released. Rumors are saying , MMS is up and running, but best thing is not to get our hopes to high and than suffer ( yet another ) disappointment – the higher they rise, the harder they fall….

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  1. The worldwide release of i-Phone OS 3.1 is rumored to take place in September, that much we all pretty much agree on. The date seems to be very shady at best. Seems to be the same month Apple will probably introduce new i-Pods and a much rumored Mac Tablet.

    Just a few points regarding the new 3.1 OS and what it involves :

    1. With the updated firmware, there are a number of bug fixes and a few new features, including voice control over Bluetooth.
    2. Copy and paste for phone numbers.
    3. Vibration feedback when re-arranging screen icons, and more…

    4. The re-inclusion of MMS (for unknown reasons, this feature was removed from the fifth beta and the public release of the OS, but now it’s back and enabled by default)
    However as yet don’t think it will include AT&T members.

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