iPhone Owners Utilize Wi-Fi Connections More Often Than Android Users

iPhone Wi-Fi use and Android Wi-Fi use in UK and USA

Some people say there is no use of owning a smartphone if are not using Wi-Fi connection in it. It seems that this opinion is not based on some random statement because many iPhone users utilize Wi-Fi connections more often.

A study by ComScore’s Device Essentials has found that 71% of iPhone users in the US leverage both cellular and Wi-Fi networks compared to 32% of Android users. Furthermore, the numbers are even higher in the UK where the share of iOS and Android users utilizing both types of connections comes in at 87% and 57% respectively.

Serge Matta, ComScore’s President of Operator and Mobile Solutions, said:

“In the UK, the scarcity of unlimited data plans and higher incidence of smartphone pre-paid contracts with a pay-as-you-go model likely contributes to data offloading among users wanting to economize their mobile usage.”

Matta continued by stating that the lack of high-speed 4G networks like the ones found in the US also forced UK users to move to Wi-Fi connections.

That being said, the shift is expected to hit the US soon enough as “unlimited” data plans are rapidly falling in numbers. It was previously announced that AT&T would throttle the speed of grandfathered-in “unlimited” data plan users when a user would cross the 3GB threshold.

After breaking down the findings by carrier, iPhone owners on an AT&T network seem to use more Wi-Fi than any other US carrier because the telecom has both a larger share of Apple’s handset as well as the nation’s largest hotspot network. In the UK, handsets on Vodafone, Telefonica, and Orange networks were all found to be using Wi-Fi more than those on other UK operators’ networks.

You can check out the chart below:

iPhone Wi-Fi use and Android Wi-Fi use in UK and USA

Do you live in UK or USA? Do you own iPhone or Android phone? How often do you use Wi-Fi? Post your comments.

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