iPhone Roundup: A possibility of 911 system revamp through Siri

A health analyst explores the possibility of Siri being an important aide during emergency situation while an Apple fan finds a new way to pay tribute to Steve Jobs.

Siri Emergency

Siri may revamp the 911 system
With the ability of Siri to recognise voices, 911 system might just get revamped and become more efficient. Health Policy analyst John. S. Wilson says that Siri should be programmed in such such a way so that by sying the word “emergency”, Siri would get into action and do things like sending the information of your illness or allergy to the nearest hospital, along with the information of your physician. Siri may also send text message to your family members. The idea seems good but at the moment, Siri cannot dial 911 for you because the location data is not always available.

iPhone model for Steve Jobs Tribute

New iPhone Fan-made model as a tribute to Steve Jobs
An Apple fan from Hong Kong has created a model of iPhone that seems to be a tribute to Steve Jobs. The model carries Steve Jobs’ name and timeline, along with Apple Logo. The design made by fan impressed Apple so much that now it has made many iPhone 4S handsets on this model. Once again, it has been proved that fans can do anything to show support for their idol.

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