iPhone Designed as Slingshot Ammo [Video]

A new test has been done to observed as whether an iPhone can be utilize as a slingshot ammo. Here, the Slingshot Channel has done this test to make out if iPhone can be use as slingshot ammo and also to distinguished as what happens when a large steel ball i.e is shot from a mighty slingshots, which strike an iPhone on the touchpad.

Folks check out the video, title as Slingshot vs. iPhone:

An exceptional designed slingshot crossbow is use to strike an iPhone which is considered as one of the top phone in the world.

When you launch the video, you can observed iPhone being shot at ballistic gelatin, “Mythbusters style”, and also a “long range” shot, showing a point of precision. Sadly to learn that no iPhone has survived in this tests, well in the end again a “3G” model was fired against a house wall. This shot has opened up the device in record time.

[Via iClarified]

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