iPhone trumps Android in the U.S.

At a time where Android is dominating market shares around the world, Apple seems to be hitting back on its home turf. iPhones (most notably the iPhone 5) have accounted for 53.3% of U.S. Smartphone sales for the 12-week period ending November 25,Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 2.51.16 PM says the market research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

This happens to be the first time Apple’s share of the U.S. market has topped 50%, which is no mean feat.

This surge in Apple’s sales has come at a cost of Android, as its share of the market fell to 41.9%, while Microsoft Windows Phone held 2.7% share. Research In Motion had just 1.4% of the market in the period.

Though this growth in sales is primarily due to the latest and the greatest from Apple, i.e. the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S and 4 have also contributed to the growing share of iOS, especially amongst first-time Smartphone buyers.

With a wide variety of Android powered smartphones ready to hit the U.S. market in the first quarter of 2013, it remains to be seen whether Apple will manage to retain their current lead.

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