Make Your iPhone Waterproof

Waterproof iPhone

In many TV shows and Science Fiction movies you see characters like James Bond and Batman using phones and micro-phones under water. While watching them, you wish that your gadgets were waterproof.

Now there is a way to make your iPhone waterproof.

A company named Liquipel is claiming that it can make your favorite smartphone water resistant by bonding it inside and out with a “nano” coating which repels water. You may not believe it but the Liquipel also claim to have evidence to support their claims. However, this should not mean that you can take a deep sea diving with your iPhone.

Some of you must be eager to try it out, wondering how can get your iPhone coated. For now, you will have to send your device off to Liquipel for a few days for them to coat it. However, the company is seeking to work directly with manufacturers to integrate their coating before you buy a phone in which case, you would be buying a water resistant phone automatically. We should not be surprised to see Apple licensing or acquiring this technology and implementing it in near future. You never know what would be the outcome when interested people sign a contract with their carrier for their iPhone, for this lamination. Buying a waterproof iPhone from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon has the potential to be a very successful idea.

Although the coating would not help those of you who drop your iPhones onto hard surfaces, it is meant to prevent the spills and splashes of water from harming your device. As of right now, the Liquipel coating will set you back $59 and a 1-2 day turnaround for the coating to be applied. However, iPhone is not the only device they support. Other devices are also supported.

Now here is a video about the effectiveness of Liquipel.

So what is your opinion about Liquipel?Post your comments below. You can know more about Liquipel by checking out there YouTube Channel.

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