iPhone XR available widely for launch day delivery, but analysts not worried

The iPhone XR went up for pre-ordering yesterday morning, where the first order slated arriving buyers next Friday, October 26th. Over 24-hours later, iPhone XR ships times hold steady through Apple’s Online Store – with certain T-Mobile models.

Thus the colour and storage capacity for the iPhone XR available for launch day delivery on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Thus you order today, receives still your device on Friday, October 26th.

For T-Mobile customers, one must note a bit more flexible in your expectation. As of now, the blue, Product (Red), and coral models in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB delays until November 5 through November 12th.

With yellow T-Mobile iPhone, XR ships slip to November 15th through November 12th in 64GB and 256GB, where 128GB model push a week. This is in further according to November 12th through November 19th.

Some models, pickup availability in-store. This is at the time launch day, on October 26th, terms the best bet, a T-Mobile iPhone XR on launch day.

The reason where T-Mobile iPhone XR ships slip faster than other carriers you purchase the T-Mobile through Apple’s website where one provides carrier info. Meanwhile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon require authentication before purchase.

Hence it is easy in an assumption of extended launch day, availability of the iPhone XR where a sales slower for the device is entirely possible. Gene Munster notes, “remains optimistic where the XR has a stop selling iPhone over the next 12-months, representing the greatest value.”

Munster, by comparison, notes that iPhone XS delayed 3-4 weeks, while the iPhone X was out 5-6 weeks:

In September, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max lead times where there are 3-4 weeks and last year’s (Oct 2017) iPhone X lead times of 5-6 weeks.

With insights drawn from lead times does not know how many phones Apple produces. Thus, over the years (dates back to the iPod), longer lead times indicate of healthy demand and shorter lead times.