iPhone XR outlasts iPhone 8 during drop test, but the durability displays scuff-prone aluminum edges


Apple’s iPhone as the name suggests,  a tradition which is better or worse, for every new iPhone series. This comes with extreme drop and durability tests. The iPhone XR releases yesterday, with no differences and the trio iPhone XR drop test videos uploaded by YouTube. These videos, puts up iPhone XR with a series of drop tests such as drop, scratch, flame, and more.

About iPhone XR and iPhone 8

EverythingApplePro is the first puts iPhone XR with a series of drop tests, comparing the results to the iPhone 8. Throughout the test, iPhone XR generally fares much better with iPhone 8. One thing worth noting is that the camera bump on the iPhone XR slightly larger, which is iPhone 8 with some durability issues depending on the angle of the drop.

Both devices unscathed through a series of shorter falls, with iPhone 8 falls victim concreting drop face down from head-height. Thus, upon screen shatters impacts and actually renders completely is useless. Surprisingly, the iPhone XR survives without any drop issues at all.

The first major damage to the iPhone XR came when dropped from a ladder. A pair of drop from the ladder shattered both front and the back of the device, and rendered seemingly completely useless – at least momentarily.

CNET thus performed own iPhone XR drop test, slightly less impressive results where the tests performed by EverythingApplePro.

In many ways, there are arbitrary tests known as drop tests of durability and resulting things which varies wildly. This is dependent upon the surface, drop height, and drop angle evidenced and varied results between both drop tests. Nevertheless, there is a comparison where iPhone 8 is with at least worth noting. If you want full protection, then iPhone XR is in a case where even though Apple not offers any first-party options of yet.


Hence to conclude the fact with the sources taken from 9to5mac, states that  iPhone XR with standard durability tests attempts scratching the device’s display, anodized aluminum edges, and more.

Thus upon viewing the anodized aluminum edges compares the stainless steel of the iPhone XS, watches the scratch test video here which results should not necessarily come as a surprise, where the aluminum is weaker than the stainless steel.

iPhone XR drop test & durability test videos: