iPhone XR Repair Fees Without Apple Care+

Apple details out-of-warranty repair fees for the iPhone XR ahead of smartphone’s launch on Friday.

In the United States, Apple charges $199 repair damaged iPhone XR screen and $399 for repair and other damage to the device, manufacturing defect covered by Apple’s standard one-year limited warranty. Prices vary in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

These prices thus do not apply customers purchase AppleCare+ where the iPhone XR, starts at $149 in full or $7.99 per month.

AppleCare+ with optional warranty plan extended iPhone’s warranty coverage for two years thus with a purchase date of the plan. AppleCare+ adds up two incidents of accidental damage coverage, subjective to lower service fee of $29 for screen repairs and $99 for other damage.

Any insurance with any form, where AppleCare+ provides is with a peace of mind, yields only savings where the event is used.

If the screen cracks on iPhone XR, for instance, repair fee with AppleCare+ have up to $178, at least $21. Thus the glass shatters, repair fee where AppleCare+ up to $248, for the savings of at least $151. The prices based are on the full $149, is the cost of AppleCare+ for iPhone XR plus deductibles.

Thus if a customer pays for AppleCare+ with monthly instalments, which is potentially even more savings versus out-of-warranty fees.