iPhone XS and XS Max owners complain over Wi-Fi and LTE Connectivity Issues

Since last Friday it has been noted that Apple’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max launch shortly after where some customers purchased one of the new devices which started noticing an issue with LTE and Wi-Fi speeds and connectivity.

Hence with multiple threads on the MacRumors forums where iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users experienced connectivity problems with Wi-Fi and LTE has two new iPhones comparing to other older Apple devices.

With a few differences being noticeable in cellular reception between the models of iPhone XS models, getting a widespread problem is where a few people are noticing it.

There are few bars on iPhone XS and XS Max which have a poorer signal with devices like iPhone 8 and iPhone X where the signal is weak. Having been said that, most of the complaints from Verizon users could potentially be carrier specific. Hence with the multiple AT&T users, have their signals getting with the same or better after seeing some signal issues.

With the differences in the modem is not cleared perceiving connectivity issues of iPhone XS and XS Max and also with the following new releases of iPhone can solve connectivity problems from other carrier updates.

With a mix of confusion from the users on the forums where the LTE connectivity problems related to software is fixed with aforementioned where there is a carrier update on a software update from Apple which exactly is going on.

With the addition of LTE problems, having separate Wi-Fi issues on the MacRumors forums noticed slower Wi-Fi speeds on iPhone XS compared to Apple devices where readers deduced a 2.4 GHz vs. 5 GHz Wi-Fi issue.

Some users also have network issues resetting with their Wi-Fi network and reconnecting with the iPhone XS models appearing to default back to 2.4 GHz if not getting connected with 5 GHz network.

Hence with the connection just reappearing to the root of the slow Wi-Fi complaints, there are poor connection speeds which are connected to a 5 GHz network with the possibility of something else going on. With Apple getting contacted to ask about both Wi-Fi and LTE issues, the iPhone XS models lets MacRumors readers know if we could hear back.