iPhone XS ‘BeautyGate’ Test Tricks Viewers in challenging Preconceived Notions

The launch of iPhone XS and XS Max, began owners pointing out the selfies which captured on the new devices appears to apply a sort of smooth effect where the user’s skin in certain lighting scenarios. Thus the quick adaption dubbed “BeautyGate,” accuses Apple the new iPhone models with internal “beauty filter” looking for better selfies which are not 100% honest.

With an effort to the BeautyGate claims, YouTuber Jonathan Morrison selfies on Instagram and Twitter this weekend. In captions, Morrison said the Google Pixel 2’s Portrait Mode asked his fans on how the images came out as their thoughts, particularly being better than the iPhone XS.

Commenters said that DSLR shots rivalled images and the Pixel 2 was still the best smart-phone cameras, based on the pictures. With the Google producing high-quality selfies is the need without for having a so-called make-up effect, argued that the Pixel 2 with the best Portrait Mode of any smart-phone.

After all, Morrison on Sunday reveals both images on a Pixel 2. This is captured on an iPhone XS Max.

So I wanted it a little bit of a lesson out there: which do not let preconceived notion or headline skew your judgment. The Pixel was clear with everyone automatically. Also to assume is better with an iPhone. In fact, the same iPhone XS Max apparently with all the BeautyGate problems.

Still, Morrison explains something happening on the front-facing cameras of the iPhone XS and XS Max, with the latest smart-phones taking multiple pictures at varying exposure levels, with noise reduction creates a smooth effect with not just the skin tones.

Halide went detail on the issue of a blog post last week:
The iPhone XS exposures and reduces the brightness is where it merges of the bright areas and reduces the darkness of the shadows. The detail s however remains, but cannot perceive it less sharp due to lost local contrast.

Observant people noticed is with affected skin. Coarse textures and particularly anything in the dark— from cats to wood grain has a smoother look. Thus there is a noise reduction at work. iPhone XS being more aggressive has noise reduction than previous iPhones.

Hence of note, it is unclear that Apple chooses to decrease noise reduction on the front-facing cameras of the iPhone XS and XS Max with the user complaints of getting results.