iPhone XS Max: Apple’s 6.5-inch flagship at 7 first impressions in a week


Last year, iPhone with Apple is one of the most revolutionary years ushered with a new era of design as once a trademark feature of the iPhone. Hence Apple has traded with Touch ID for Face ID, from Home button with a gesture system. Thus with an OLED display replaces the top and bottom bezels.

With me transitioned to the iPhone X is nothing short of a success. Hence, detailed last year here from sources at 9to5mac, is impressed wildly with iPhone X from the get-go. With one qualm, it was the size such as a long-time ‘Plus’ model user, where the iPhone X is a bit of a downgrade terming the screen size, technically being with touted a larger 5.8-inch display. Within this year where Apple expanded the iPhone X design as a new form-factor: the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max.


The size of the phone introduced as a brand new, larger form factor where the iPhone X design actually makes it smaller than previous ‘Plus’ size iPhones.

The iPhone XS Max thus measured in at 157.5mm x 77.4mm x 7.7 mm and weighs 208 grams. This was compared to the iPhone 8 Plus at 158.4mm x 78.1mm x 7.5 mm, is thick and 202 grams. Hence iPhone XS Max is getting packed with a larger 6.5-inch display. Thus both being narrower and shorter than the iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone XS vs iPhone X

The one thing I worried was the transition period from 5.8-inch display to the 6.5-inch display. With that being considered, after a week, could have been adjusted perfectly. Thus the biggest issue I felt is for the keyboard size. However, other than that, one could find it as a seamless adjustment.


It is hence certainly possible as far as one-handed use, your hands might get bigger than average.  For most people, with two-handed use, one with a primary method of input here. With Accessing Control Center and Notification Center, a worthy trade-off with real estate is the one need to possess. Hence, in my opinion, there is a one-handed use better with iPhone X either.

With one thing being found, where the iPhone XS Max is larger in size making cases a less a bit harder. The type of person switching regularly from a case to no case at this time around. Hence, I see myself much more reliant on a case. Thus, one thinks of the case, where the iPhone XS Max, is certainly a feel with top-heavy being a bit awkward to use without a case.

The best iPhone XS Max cases

  • Apple’s official leather case – $49
  • Apple’s official folio case for iPhone XS Max – $129
  • FlyHawk iPhone XS Max wallet case – $14
  • Spigen Thin Fit iPhone XS Max case – $12
  • Spigen Rugged Armor iPhone XS Max case – $13
  • Torras ultra-thin case for iPhone XS Max – $26


iPhone XS apps

With larger display where the need for developers, however, optimizes their applications taking full advantage. Hence, there is no sort of letter-boxing seen last year with a transition to the initial iPhone 8. With many applications, not using the 6.5-inch display to offer more information. Instead, with iPhone X simply scaling up is with the same interface.

As the time progresses with change along with more developers updates their applications with the iPhone XS Max, but one should note a minor annoyance where one can see an image above, with neither Facebook nor Instagram scales properly on the iPhone XS Max which displays, Apple News app does.


With my colleagues, Zac Hall and Michael Steeber, has already offered with stunning sample images not only have iPhone XS Max, a worth noting still I guess, again, with a greatness of an upgrade from the iPhone X.

With the feature supporting for depth control is the one which is able to take a Portrait Mode image. Hence,  to adjust the depth is being the fact given to me far with more peace of mind.  Thus, one uses the feature in the past. As an additional, preview support being at life is for depth control which is currently available in the iOS 12.1 beta – which makes things even better.

For more sample images from the iPhone XS, I highly encourage you to take a look at the coverage below:

  • With iPhone XS Max, one can capture a miniature world
  • Depth Control in Portrait mode is with hands-on, iPhone XS real-time preview.
  • Major upgrade is an iPhone XS with iPhone

A lot discussed with surrounding the battery life on the iPhone XS Max. With Apple as said is the device which is roughly about 90 minutes longer life where the iPhone X tests early shown is not necessarily been the case.

The battery life of the iPhone XS Max comparable to the iPhone X.  This does not have significantly worse, nor significantly better through a day of moderate-to-heavy use.  Hence with impossibilities to stretch a single charge within two days.

At crossroads of Apple with iPhone battery life many instances do not have an incredibly useful device. Hence with one lasting more than one day and not two days. With the one go and two full days is without any charge your iPhone comes with a wonderful feeling with not there yet.

With one more thing being at here for Apple is to ditch is the 5W charger where other flagship smart-phone including a USB-C fast charger where it is not a good look for Apple which can ship a 5W USB-A charger with over $1000+ phone.

USB-C fast charging solutions for iPhone XS:

  • Anker USB-C 30W fast charger – $25.99
  • Lention 45W USB-C fast charge adapter – $24
  • Apple USB-C to Lightning cable – $15

Face ID

With a stage set at September event, Apple has a Face ID. Hence touted faster on the iPhone XS, there is one on iPhone X. With a week, on the iPhone XS Max not noticing any speed improvements, a due fact is that my iPhone X spent almost a year. Hence, one to learn my face is iPhone XS with the same thing.

However, Face ID being fantastic where the iPhone X remains fantastic on the iPhone XS Max. Thus with a bit worried form being the larger factor is making a finding where the right Face ID being a bit awkward, which is absolutely not in the case.

One thing which still requires to do is keeping the “Require Attention” which disables the Face ID. With a certain degree of security compromise, is the one adding flexibility worth which I think.

Thus I think that one white iPhone XS hence is not quite right and the one which does not pop is like with previous iPhones having specifically the iPhone 4. The iPhone XS hence with white looks a rather murky and cloudy is which is what I think.

Despite Apple’s tendency which varies space grey colour shade, the exact nature of space grey iPhone XS is as same as iPhone X. With whatsoever is hence being easier to upgrade every year.

As a due fact to note is, about the one thing where Apple is doing an excellent job which makes it easier with an upgrade of a new iPhone every year. Hence with owning an iPhone Upgrade Program, and carriers which offer their own smart-phone ‘leasing’ options, we can sometimes have more incentives which can upgrade with being there or not.

With my first year personally, on the iPhone Upgrade Program is previously after using AT&T Next. With the inclusion of AppleCare+ eases upgrades the Apple Store app. Hence to note a fact is that one can receive a trade-in kit every year making it, a no-brainer for people who upgrade each year.

With further setup, a new iPhone continued drastically easier. Hence the year, was able to restore my iPhone XS Max from my iPhone X backed up instantly with repairs of my Apple Watch, under 10 minutes. With this process being cumbersome, one must always set up my iPhone every new every year.

With the growth of iPhone making a slow down progress, is what Apple doing every time when one has to make it easier to upgrade every year which is a darn good job at it.


With iPhone XS Max is coming right down nearly perfects the phone for me. Hence, I wrote last year iPhone X which is near perfect. This has thus missed the larger screen of a ‘Plus’ phone.

Hence the upgradation of iPhone X, tricky one, wanted the larger 6.5-inch display. With iPhone XS Max being worth it, is by upgrading the iPhone X to the standard iPhone XS, a bit harder.