Apple to Unveil $350 iPhone, iPhone4S/5 in August

Reports are coming up that Apple will be retailing $350 iPhone sometime this year and also BGR revealed that the cupertino company will lower the current iPhone 4 price. The site also mentioned that Apple new iPhone4S/5 will debuting by the last week of August.

BGR site says that they received this latest information from their reliable sources. The site sources reveal to them that Apple will really release prepaid and lower cost iPhone by this year and expected to cost not more than $350 i.e without any contract. The site believes that the low cost iPhone will be iPhone 3GS.

BGR has confirmed that the upcoming iPhone 5 features a drastic new design; however is still unclear as when this device or an iPhone 4S will be launch next. BGR sources has informed them whichever the device will launching will made known by the end of this summer or late August.

[Via iCalrified]

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