iPhones confiscated by UK police.

No! Don’t take the headline for wrong. It’s not to malign the brand name. Through the headline I meant to say that UK police has arrested the criminal rackets running their notorious activity of smuggling iPhones, SIM cards and illegal contracts in the city of London.

According to the sources, the gang ships the handsets overseas for resale, taking advantage of the UK’s practice of heavily subsidizing cell phones. The iPhones fetch prices of up to £450 abroad. The police confiscated £15,000-worth of iPhones in their boxes.

The smuggling of iPhone is not new; many incidences came to our notice from China, Singapore.
Is Apple aware of this? Many people are making money with it… illegally.

How this could be handled is still a mystery to be solved. If you have something to share, please do write.

Thanks, www.appleinsider.com

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