iPhoto501Fix Promises To Fix iPhoto Bugs Under iOS 5.0.1


If you have a jailbroken iOS device that you cannot upgrade to iOS 5.1, then you may have installed Apple’s new iPhoto app unofficially.

This app only supports the iOS 5.1 firmware, and you are likely to run into some compatibility issues that can cause iPhoto to crash and freeze frequently.

However, now there is a new tweak called iPhoto501Fix to solve your problem. You can quash those bugs and enjoy a seamless (almost) iPhoto experience.

The free tweak is available to download now from Cydia’s Big Boss repository, and it is free.

Once installed, iPhoto501Fix promises to iron out the compatibility issues with Apple’s older iOS 5.0.1 firmware to stop random crashes.

Neither this tweak adds an icon to your home screen, nor it adds any options to your Settings app. Once it is installed, you would not even know it is there. This tweak works quietly in the background to ensure that iPhoto does not run into any issues while you are editing your snaps.

Does iPhoto501Fix work for you? Did it improve your iPhoto experience under iOS 5.0.1? Share your feedback.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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