iPlayboy Web App Allows Every Playboy Magazine Ever Made in iPad

Playboy has released a new iPad website that allows subscribers to access the latest issue and also the full archive of Playboy issues, from the year of released 1953 till to up to date. Earlier we have posted and article about Playboy coming to iPad, which will allows users to view uncensored content.

From the inaugural issue with Marilyn Monroe to the current issue with rock heiress Lizzy Jagger on the cover, iPlayboy features every pictorial, interview, Centerfold, investigative reporting piece, story, advertisement and image that ever appeared in the magazine, more than 130,000 pages in total. Readers can search for a groundbreaking interview they read years ago, find classic fiction, or read about the most-recent celebrity cover model, all in one place. The site will be updated with each monthly issue so that it includes current content as well as archival features and pictorials.

According to iPhonehacks:

“Users have an option to opt for a month membership that costs $8 or a yearly membership for $60 or $100 for a two-year membership to access content on Playboy’s iPad optimized website. Playboy gets to keep 100% of the membership fee by bypassing the App Store. Apple charges a 30% commission on the sale of every iOS app from its App Store.”

Users can access Playboy on the iPad by pointing Mobile Safari to i.Playboy.com.

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