iPod Classics crash after being hooked up to iTunes 9

During the last couple of weeks a lot of cases have been reported where an iPod Classic crashes, in many cases beyond repair, when being hooked up to iTunes 9. The cases of which we know mostly concern iTunes 9 for Windows, but Mac OSX may also be affected by this harmful threat.

The affected iPod Classics seem to be produced about 2 years ago most of the time but there are also reports of newer iPods which crash. In most cases the iPod can’t be repaired by simply pressing the iTunes repair button and in some cases the hard drive of the iPod just crashes beyond repair.

Apple has not made a statement about this and doesn’t seem to be very keen on making one as well. So our advice is to simple try to install older versions of iTunes when you own an iPod Classic and if your iPod crashed because of this issue you can try to revive it by using recovery programs for the iPod. You can retrieve data through the terminal in Mac OSX or by directly accessing the disk from windows.

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