iPod touch cam and iTV will boost Apple’s share, is it?

Are you going to buy Apple’s share? Why? Here is the answer it’s because share market for Apple was always in high after product launch, if you have noticed. But the fact is we have seen hikes in shares after the iPhone4, iPad and the iPod touch were launched in market. And this time also it is evident that Apple will continue its legacy says the market Analysts. But it’s not that launching a product solely increases the share value. The product shall also hold some quality. It might be that the events helps us to know the products and can even query about it with the executives present there.

Various sources in the market are like Apple’s share will rise due to the announcement of the first iPod touch with a camera, an updated Apple TV with an App Store, and iTunes changes.

Beside this the adding of the App Store to the Apple TV would add many new and meaningful features (like Netflix streaming, or video games, for example) and of course how can we miss out that talks are being held on Apple offering TV show rentals for $0.99 on the iTunes store, which we would view as a step forward for Apple TV.

According to me Apple has come with whole lot of things to attract the market for the company. There is no other way that we can escape from it?

Let’s see when Steve Jobs unveil the products from his bag in the event and people’s reactions to that. Till then it’s you who are to decide whether to follow the statistics and graphs of Apple’s share market or wait till the event gets over.

Thanks, Appleinsider.com


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