iPod Touch To Receive Camera Late

Up until the Apple keynote the 9th of September, it was rumored and clearly believed that the iPod Touch would receive a camera. Steve Jobs surprised us though, since a new camera in the iPod Touch was not revealed as we suspected it would. This led many to believe that the leaked pictures were fake and that some of the earlier theories, reported here in theAppleBites, about why Apple wouldn’t release an iPod Touch with a camera, were true.

Leaked pictures from Covino & Rich
Leaked pictures from Covino & Rich

There may be several reasons for Apple dropping a camera in the iPod Touch, but one fact remains… they were actually developing the device with a camera. How do we know? Simply because the radio show Covino & Rich made a tear down of the earlier rumored iPod Touch with a camera and the current device, which revealed most identical compartments. This means that Apple was in fact working on a prototype of an iPod Touch with a camera. The question remains though: Why did they drop it? And there could be several answers to that. Steve Jobs first gave us the official reason, which is that the iPod Touch is increasingly branded as a gaming machine, and that a camera would make it too expensive. But there are other theories as well. One of those is that Apple have had some problems integrating the camera, and because the consequences have been too high at the moment, they rather wanted to delay the upgrade than to release a bugged one. This could easily meant that Apple is still working and planning on releasing a camera in an upcoming iPod Touch model.

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