iRealSMS: App for SMS client [Jailbreak]

Author: SpiritOfLogic

This app iRealSMS is especially for the SMS client. The people who are more into SMS and texting should install this app. Here in this jailbreak app you don’t need to exit the current app in-order to reply to a text message, simply reply the mesaage directly from the popup.

When you launch the app, you can find a 3 tabs along the bottom; folders, conversations, and settings, easy and simple way to access. As in most apps you can find most apps the user configurations in settings, which means you that you need to swipe from one place to another in-order to make changes. 

A big plus with this app is the ability to text in full landscape mode, which is the main reason why i even downloaded it, and as an extra, the 5-row qwerty keyboard hack from Cydia works with this too, without a hiccup.

You can download and install the app for free at Cydia Store.

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