Irish Prime Minister Visits Apple’s European Headquarters

Irish Prime Minister Apple Employees

Recently, Apple announced that it would create another 500 jobs at its European Headquarters (HQ) in Cork, Ireland. The employees at the HQ got a visit from none other than Ireland’s Prime Minister (PM) Enda Kenny.

According to online reports, the visit happened last Friday, on 27 April 2012. During visit, Kenny was photographed, chatting with Apple employees. However, it is not known exactly what he talked about.

Obviously, the news of 500 new jobs pleased the PM, as Ireland is one of the European Union (EU) countries most affected by the current recession. Apple’s HQ and plant in Cork is not only the home of all of Apple’s European operations, but it is also an assembly point for the MacBook Pro.

Apple’s current plant in Cork was opened in 1980. This was also the first headquarters for Apple outside USA. The location now employs 2,800 people who work in backend, supply chain and distribution operations for Europe. Apple has plans to add the additional 500 jobs over the next 18 months.

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