Is it Apple Vs Dell or Customer-Satisfaction?

It’s not easy to keep people in your confidence, when something is wrong within you. But if you can do it, it’s an art. Amidst all controversies and hurdles in the company and coming back as the no.1 is what counts.

Yes, Apple has out passed Dell and HP by 20% in a survey conducted by Vocolabs from January 2009 to June 2010 in customer servicing.

66% of Apple customers said they were “Very Satisfied” with the company overall, compared to 44% of HP customers and 43% of Dell customers. One side of the world was complaining about the products and on the other side the company is accredited to be the best in the line of customer servicing and satisfaction.

To my surprise how did the company managed to retain the confidence of the people when many things were not going Apple’s way. But survey says Apple is the king for its customers. What your view regarding the outcome.

Via: [Macnews]

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