Is really a $199 Netbooks for Christmas?

The coming of the iPad has sent shock waves to the sales of the mini-notebooks into the toilet and now only awaiting for the order to flush. Well if the iPad hadn’t hit the market last spring then it’s likely that thousands of students would be headed back to campus with a netbook tucked into the old backpack. Thanks Apple as many of them have chosen the iPad instead and those netbooks are gathering dust on retailers’ shelves.Three years ago the first small, lightweight netbook from Asus was introduced which was consider like a hot commodity.

Now according to Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes records that tablets are cutting into the sales of low-end notebooks at a rate of 30% to 40%. For now Reitzes has dropped his estimates for netbook sales through the end of 2010 from 35 million to 32.5 million units. His forecast for 2011 drops even more, to 24.75 million units from 28 million

If we go according to above mention report then it means that the prices of netbooks are dropping rapidly and who knows by Friday, we could be seeing models previously retailing for $300-350 marked down to $199. Now we know what to get the kids for Christmas provided they don’t already have an iPad on their list for Santa.


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