Is The Era Of Laptops Over or is There a Last Show Left?


They form one of the most prized and secretive possessions anyone ever owns. We love them, they know of our every mood, they contain our secret stash of erotica and they sometimes host snaps of former paramour , future dream-girls and our darkest fantasies . They form an important part of our professional life too, they contain all the information required to get through a day of work without the boss’s wrath. We love them so much, at times, we have a nickname for it too. If you haven’t guessed it yet, you’ll realise it with a jolt when I mention the word ‘laptop’. Laptop or ‘lappies ’ as they are more adorably called form an almost integral part of life , college and above. Recently however, a barrage of products have tried to liberally replace this wonderful species .However, surely there is still one last fight left in this gallant and adored species.


Laptops were basically designed to replace the bulky Personal Computers of the yesteryear. However in recent times , the big-ass monitors have been replaced by affordable ‘slim-jim’ TFT monitors, they are sleek , light and they occupy very little space. Companies like Lenovo and Hp have even come up with monitors with integrated processors, one just needs the space for a monitor, the processor , speakers and other components are integrated into the back of the monitor itself. For core- performance oriented gamers and coders the huge CPU is also being compressed into a smaller size resulting in the PC becoming a smaller entity overall. With liquid cooling systems becoming more common, smaller sized with CPUs capable of providing high rates of computing are becoming a reality. This is a basic threat to the concept of powerful laptops. However, one advantage that laptops shall forever retain is their ease of travel, and the concept of an integrated battery and an inherent back-up. All PCs still require a direct line of power to function, and a UPS in case of power-cuts, and carrying around an Ups along with other PC components can be a bit cumbersome. For the modern working man, his travel hours form an important part of his work, one often has to complete certain assignments on the go. For this class of individuals, laptops are perhaps the only viable option, something which they may easily rely on.

ces2014preview-0Not surprisingly, there is another sector which is seeking to capture the space of the laptop. Recently launched products such as the iPad and the tabloid phones have revolutionised the concept of mobile computing. Even high end smartphones are fast becoming a potent replacement, with office tools and softwares becoming an integral part of such phones. They possess a big threat to laptops, they are smaller, can fit into small hand-bags or pockets. They are perhaps at their worst shape, half as slim as laptops, and of course at their best shape , their dimensions and their body are not even one-tenth of the laptops. The one drawback for these devices are the lack of a physical keyboard, which makes typing on them a nightmare. As innovative as typing on touch devices may get, take it from someone who types over 3000 words everyday, physical keyboards are light years ahead in their ease and usability . As long as laptops retain their physical keyboards, they will have a distinct advantage over tabloid devices. Also, however much as geeks may try , for all the 1.2 Ghz dual processors being packed into high –end smartphones, they can not just yet match the performance that is achieved from even entry level notebooks or laptops. Also, as mobile computing technologies advance, our loved laptops are keeping up in the weight loss department, and being figure conscious, they too are decreasing their dimensions, so that we may proudly present them on our arms.

Laptops are facing a two-pronged attack, from both PCs and smartphones, but they are yet to face a serious threat of extinction. Higher processor speeds, physical keyboards, their inbuilt back up and their ease of travel will keep them afloat for years to come. Their future is safe and secure for now, they are in a performance class of their own, and of professionals, they form a trusted and versatile companion. The concept of cloud-computing is inter-connecting our tabloids and our laptops, but still, we prefer our notebooks when it comes to making presentations or reports, we trust them much more. Space on laptops is no longer a concern, they match most personal computers for hard –disk spaces now. They have all the 1080p HD clarity video we require, and their graphic cards rival most GPUs on Personal Desktops. Surely for now , laptops have a space of their own in the world of technology as well as in our hearts.

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